Faux Finish

The Elegance of Faux Finish

Faux Finish can instantly make a room completely unique and give it warmth and depth that is unmatched by ordinary paint or wallpaper applications.

Faux Finish is one of today's fastest growing trends in home remodeling! It is the creation of elegant hand-crafted and personalized translucent paint finishes.

The less is more trend is on the downswing. Today’s consumers want to express their individuality and creativity with the elegant detail Faux Finish has to offer.

The advantages of choosing Faux Finish

A Faux Finish can be applied to almost any surface, including dry wall, sheet rock, plastering, wood, metal, fabric, glass, and ceramic. Keep in mind that the preparation and priming of the surface will vary depending on the material that is being prepared. Faux Finish is not only practical, but it will last longer than wallpaper. Without the seams, you don't have to worry about it peeling off due to adverse environmental effects like humidity. Faux Finish also becomes more beautiful as time goes on. If ever needed, touch-ups and repairs are not difficult to complete. You can always add a top coat to your Faux Finish with polyurethane in matte, satin, or semi-gloss finishes.

Faux Finish can hide any surface imperfections. The condition of the surface will help us to determine the best technique and topcoat to use for a Faux Finish. For rough, old walls, utilizing the rag rolling technique and a matte finish topcoat can hide any imperfections. While dragging (strie), a glossy topcoat, is best for smooth surfaces.

Faux Finish can change the size or space of any given area, (keep in mind Faux Finish is to make someone believe or fool someone). With Faux Finish, you can make enlarge a small room by using lighter colors and a soft technique. You can also make a larger room more intimate by using dark colors and a dramatic technique. You can also drop the ceiling or make it appear taller.

As you transform your house into a home, let Real Painting show you how Faux Finish and custom decorative painting will achieve for you the personalized, elegant look you’ve always wanted. With Faux Finish, your home will truly become a reflection of your taste and style.